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Cooperative Housing Europe

Building the Social and Solidarity Economy

Welcome, and we’re glad you joined us. Cooperativehousing.eu has been set up to experiment with the functional capabilities of a number of applications designed for online project collaboration. It has been made available to the participants of a number of international working groups like the Alliance of Emerging Community-led Cooperative Housing Organisations, the Commoning Space Network and Student Housing Cooperatives of Europe.

The members of those working groups are first invited to register a personal account for authentication on this domain. For each working group one participates in access is provided to a corresponding forum section for online discussion and corresponding, also with a file share for collaborative editing and archiving of documents. Despite changing composition of these groups, information shared in them shall be available and searchable for all current group members, that’s including the full history of corresponding forum discussions and shared documents dating before the moment someone joins a particular group.

For more information about cooperative housing or for opportunities to meet with the people involved in the cooperative movement please get in touch with one of the umbrella organisations in your region. We made an interactive map specifying organisations promoting small scale housing cooperatives in various parts of Europe.